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This new demonstration is of a recent painting which I based on photographs taken in the Bayfield Barns antique shop, near me in North Norfolk. It is an assemblage of spaces formed within what was probably once a stable area.

I often visit this place because of the varied items on display which regularly change as purchases are made.

This main room is well-lit from the two windows seen in this picture.

To complete my design I had to move the dealer in charge from another part of the store, and turn him from looking left to looking right to match the lighting conditions.

In this demo I will try to show how an original reference image can be developed, not just to represent some form of reality but as a vehicle to try to pass on to you - the viewer - what attracted me to this scene and how I felt about it. To have shown you an empty, object-filled room would not have delivered the message that these are all man-made objects which once served either a useful or decorative purpose. The picture, therefore, had to include an appropriate figure.

“The Chinese pair”

Oil on canvas panel, 20 x 20 inches