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Social Media

The gradual change in how the Art World works have been accelerated rapidly following the outbreak of the pandemic. Many traditional galleries have closed in recent years, and following the general shut-down it is feared that up to a third may not be able to re-open - with the smaller galleries being most affected.

While it was once frowned on for individual artists to publicise themselves through social media, most galleries now encourage this as a way of drawing attention to the invaluable service which only they can provide by displaying actual paintings in a suitable environment and being able to offer informed advice to prospective buyers. My links to The Gallery in Holt can be found on The Gallery page.

Respecting completely the advantages of being represented by a gallery of high quality and reputation, I too have been encouraged to promote my work through the online s afforded by Facebook and Instagram, so to see my most recent work as it becomes available I would invite you to follow me on these two platforms.

If you have any lengthy comments or suggestions to make, please email me at the address on my Contact page.