The Painter's Book of Magic Bob Brandt

"The book looks fantastic and I’m sure will go an absolute storm." Peter (Pete The Street) Brown

Using my 30 years experience of painting and tutoring, The Painter's Book of Magic explores the mystery of why some paintings are more fascinating than others. It describes the techniques, sensory responses and the 'magic' which will make your paintings more engaging, and enhance your appreciation of paintings. Anyone who paints, at any level of experience, or who simply wants to know more about the art and craft of painting will enjoy this book.

The Painter's Book of Magic

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What's in the book?


How we see

Why do we paint?  Seeing and understanding. What are paintings for?


The language of painting

The Line, Tone, Colour.


The Magic part

Telling the Story, The Painter’s Eye, The Hunt for the Subject, Analysing Magic.


The Magic of Design

The Lead-in, The Stopper, All the World’s a Stage, Perspective, linear & aerial.


The Three Elements

The Magic of Line, Lines Forming Patterns, Shadow Patterns, Lines and Movement.


Magical Tone

Exaggerating contrasts, Counterchange, Lost and Found Edges.


Magical Colour

Increased saturation, Colour-cast, Perspective and distance, Colour and Emotions, Broken Colour, Colour (and shape) Continuity.


Magical Design

The Priority of Objects, People in Places and Relationships, Subjects as designs, The Distortion of Linear Perspective.


Let the Viewer Contribute

What’s in a Name?


The other Senses

Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell, Bodily Awareness, Empathy.

Reviews from other artists

Rosa Sepple

Rosa Sepple, President of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours says of the book: "Being entirely self-taught and never having had any formal training as a painter, my work is completely different from Bob's. Despite that, I found his book very easy to read and to understand, and was interested in the way he describes the theories behind formal artistic design. For that reason, I think that many painters would find this book to be informative. My favourite painting is The Girl with the Blue Balloon!"

Peter Brown

Peter (Pete The Street) Brown, President of the New English Art Club and a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Pastel Society and the Bath Society of Artists, and also an honorary member of the Royal Society of British Artists, writes: "The book looks fantastic and I’m sure will go an absolute storm."

Brian Ryder

Brian Ryder, a council member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and a founder member and past- president of the Institute of East Anglian Artists, says: "I can see that this has been a great labour of love on Bob's part. As there is no other book which is quite like this, I think it should appeal to all painters who have got beyond the absolute beginners’ stage and are hoping to become fully experienced painters".

John Scott Martin

John Scott Martin, President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, NDD, PPRBSA, FRSA, a former principal examiner for GCE A Level Art and Design, writes of the draft of this book: "I feel sure that it will find a place on the shelves of many painters. It is interesting that you have covered most of the 'formal elements' (of design) in detail. The 'magic' comes from understanding inspiration and how to convert that into a visual result. I look forward to seeing the published version and being able to recommend it to my students."